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Meet Super Casual 

We’re a casual wear line based in South Texas. We believe comfort is a priority and we aim to create products that are simple and comfortable. When we dreamed up this brand the main goal was to create products that could become a small part of your life as the items that allow you to be comfortable and look amazing whether you are conquering the world or practicing acts of self care. We hope these bring you peace and happiness. 

Behind the brand 

Super Casual was dreamed up by Jen and Vero, founders of JZD.  Two Latinas from the border town of Brownville who spend most of their time in casual wear. Their first language is Spanish and they wanted to honor that by creating a brand name that could be pronounced in both English and Spanish.

 SC wants you to feel your best while looking your best. We want to be there for you in all your favorite moments. The days you spend lounging on your sofa, the afternoon brunch dates, the tough days during finals weeks in college, the moments of celebration after landing your dream job, the endless minutes in the carpool lane, and everything in between.

 We created this brand for you and we hope above all that it makes you feel your best while being your best self.

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